It is now recognized that many children and adults with autism show exceptional abilities in certain domains in addition to their difficulties with social interaction and communication. Our research considers whether the abilities and cognitive strengths of autism are causally related to the areas of difficulties in terms of underlying psychological mechanism. Our starting point is the sensory atypicalities experienced by many children and adults with autism and how these relate to perceptual and cognitive processing. By finding the causal links between these levels of psychological functioning, we aim to develop targeted techniques and interventions to enhance the lives of people with autism. We have recently launched ConnnectA, a new initiative to bring together families, teachers, clinicians and researchers with the explicit purpose to accelerate the development of effective interventions by facilitating communication of knowledge and information.

Cambridge Laboratory for Research into Autism


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Our research focusses on Autism Spectrum Conditions, life-long disorders that affect many aspects of life, including social interaction, language and communication and adaptive everyday functioning.